Dragon Incence Burners

One of my favorite things to make are dragon incense burners. I usually begin with throwing the base and then I sculpt the head from a pinch pot and attach the two.

They use a cone incense, and the smoke comes out of their nostrils or mouth.

Creature Sculptures

Some of my favorite moments follow wedging clay and seeing a creature appear in the mushed up ball as one would a picture in the clouds.


I enjoy making miniature houses, castles and other scenes. I believe I get my love of all things miniature from my grandmother Marie.

Fairy Houses / Small Animal "Hideaways"

These small dwellings are perfect for the garden.

Just make sure to bring them inside in the winter as extreme cold may cause them to crack.

They double as small reptile or mammal "hideaways."

My miniature fairy tree house with small, moveable furniture.

For size reference the base of the wishing well is the size of a quarter.


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